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Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

PES 2013 Tricks, Skills & Dribbling Controls Tutorial Guide

pes 2013 tricks
Pro Evolution Soccer, better known to fans as PES, is a long-running series of football games which have, over the years, proven to be some of the most enjoyable videogames featuring the sport.
Facing stiff competition from the likes of EA Sports’ FIFA Soccer series, and lacking the licenses and clout of EA, the developers at Konami have had little choice but to up their game with each successive release to give players a true-to-life football experience with Pro Evolution Soccer.
The complete PES 2013 tricks Video Guide will teach you how to get the most out of your player's skillset. Here, you’ll learn how to perform a variety of maneuvers, techniques, tricks, and moves within the football game. It goes without saying that once you’re through with this guide, you’ll be even more of a force to be reckoned with on the football pitch.
Check out the video and the complete written guide below it.
PES 2013 Flick Tutorial
pes 2013 flick
Press and hold RS as the player goes to trap the ball.
PES 2013 Sombrero Tutorial
Execute Flick, hold RS, then LS towards the opponent.
PES 2013 Double Touch Tutorial
pes 2013 double touch
RS ↓ → LS → or RS ↑ → LS →
PES 2013 Nutmeg Controls
pes 2013 nutmeg
Hold R2 [when an opponent is close by], then R1 + LS towards the opponent.
PES 2013 Run Around Skill Tutorial
pes 2013 run around
Hold R2 [when an opponent is close by], then R1 + LS ↘ or ↗
PES 2013 Deft Touch Dribble
pes 2013 deft touch dribble
R2 +LS
PES 2013 Step On And Slide
pes 2013 step on and slide
Whilst Stationary, tap the RS ↑ or 
PES 2013 Knock On Tutorial
pes 2013 knock on
Whilst Stationary RS ↘↘or ↗↗
PES 2013 L Feint
[If Right-footed] Whilst stationary, RS hold  ← then LS ↓
PES 2013 Drag Back Turn
pes 2013 drag back turn
[If Right-footed] Whilst stationary, RS hold ← then LS 
PES 2013 Backheel Feint
PES 2013 backheel feint
Whilst stationary.
PES 2013 Inside Bounce
pes 2013 inside bounce
Whilst Stationary, hold RS ← → LS 
PES 2013 V Feint Into Left/Right Take
pes 2013 inside feint
Whilst stationary, RS hold  ← , then LS ↘or ↗
PES 2013 Running Inside Bounce
pes 2013 running inside bounce
While dribbling, hold RS ← , then LS ↘or ↗
PES 2013 Speed Burst
pes 2013 speed burst
Whilst stationary [and an opposition player is far away], hold R2 → R1 + LS
PES 2013 Flip Flap/Reverse Flip Flap
pes 2013 flip flap
While dribbling, RS ↘ → LS / RS ↗ → LS 
PES 2013 Marseille Turn Or Russian Roulette
Check Image.
PES 2013 Cross Over Turn
pes 2013 cross over turn
While dribbling, RS ↓ → LS ↓  or RS ↑ → LS ↑
PES 2013 Sideways Scissors
pes 2013 sideways scissors
Check image above for controls.
PES 2013 Sideward Stepover
pes 2013 sideward stepover
Check Image above for controls.
PES 2013 Running Lift
pes 2013 running lift
While dribbling, hold RS, then LS ↘or ↗
PES 2013 Rainbow Flick
pes 2013 rainbow
While dribbling, RS x 2

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